Winter Wedding Planning – in the summer.

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With this amazing summer we’ve been having here in Vancouver, you would think that the focus would be on outdoor and summer weddings; but these are simply the outcomes of a years worth of planning. In reality, with the overwhelming amount of tasks to take care of when preparing for a successful wedding, committing to a year of planning is essential. So, for those who are newly engaged and ready to take that next step into the exciting world of wedding planning, here are a few tips to bring out that unique feel to your winter wonderland theme.

winter wedding ideas winter wedding ideas

Don’t be afraid to embrace that winter vibe. Instead of worrying about having to bring in warmth to the wedding, try emphasizing that winter magic by incorporating hints of glitter, crystal or even bringing in ice sculptures for that little extra oomph.

When it comes to colors, less is more – don’t overdo it with gold, red and greens. This is your wedding, not the holidays. Silver and whites may seem too cold with no contrast against the winter weather, but accenting these colors with satin and velvet materials will create that warm and welcoming atmosphere without overdoing it with cheesy Christmas colors.

As for centerpieces, if you decide to go for the popular candlelight centerpiece, frosted glass holders can be the perfect option to balancing the warmth and the icy beauty of your winter wedding.

And finally for your wedding gown, try for soft and luxurious. Choosing rich fabrics such as satin for your dress will make you stand out like a winter queen. Lace patterns and embellished sleeves will make for a stunning final touch to this look.

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