Wedding Planning – Where to start?

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After the excitement of your engagement wears off, you feel a sense of sheer panic as soon as you realize you need to start planning for your wedding but don’t know where to start. Fear not, you probably aren’t the only one that’s panicking. It’s normal for all newly engaged couples to feel anxious when starting to plan the wedding since there are a vast amount of tasks and important decisions at hand. Starting from venues, rings, the bridal gown, a theme to pick; the bridal party and their attires, not to mention flowers and décor, food, the honeymoon! Let’s take a breath here; this isn’t even the half of what needs to be done, which is why it is important to leave plenty of time to prepare without having to rush at the last minute. Especially with choice of venue, it’s important to book things ahead of time so that you have a solid place and for your chosen date. Here are a few tips and ways you can control the pre-wedding stresses.

Work out a budget – working out a budget is the first and foremost thing you should do at the start of planning. This way, you’ll know your limit and give you a more narrow selection for determining other aspects of the wedding. 

Venue – book ahead! Especially if it’s during the busy summer wedding season; by this time, you’d already need to have confirmed a date and time of course. Your venue should also be one of the first and foremost things to be chosen before the bride gets ahead of herself and starts dress shopping. Getting a dress to match the venue is important, assuming that you wouldn’t want to wear a certain dress that is not appropriate or suitable for the chosen venue.
Start a guest list – Creating a guest list in advance is a must, so that you’ll know the initial size of your wedding which is vital for planning every other aspect of wedding.

Photographer – It is necessary to choose a photographer earlier into your planning so that you can go over the specifics of your vision. Photographers are there to capture the special moments of your wedding that will last forever and it is important that they are chosen and booked ahead to avoid scheduling difficulties or cancellations. 

Want to know more? Stay tuned for a more detailed guide on planning your entire wedding!

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