Wedding Planning Part 2

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So now that you know the first few steps to your wedding planning, here are some key things to check off your list as the wedding day gets closer. If you’re planning for a flawless wedding, the planning typically takes well over a year; so let’s say, a year and a half to be on the safe side.

The first steps you need to take should be initiated within the first year to a year and half, these steps are the ones listed above. Once these are confirmed and set, you can start planning closer and to the more detailed aspects of the wedding.

6-12 months
- If a photographer and a videographer hasn’t already been booked, now is the time to do it!
- Select a florist, decide on and reserve your bouquets, corsages, and other floral arrangements.
- Choose decorations so that you can finally bring your visions of the wedding to life.
- Wedding dresses shouldn’t be a priority (although eager brides say otherwise), but 6-12 months is about the right time to start looking. Once you’re found that perfect dress, the next steps are the alterations, and fitting that would need to be done a few times as the date gets closer.
- Bridesmaid dresses should be chosen during this time, when you’ve chosen your color theme and your dress

4-6 months
- As your special day approaches, you should now be considering to have chosen an attire for the groom and his groomsmen.
- Time to plan a honeymoon! Planning your trip requires plenty of research and can be very time consuming and quite the hassle, especially if you’re trying to do it last minute with your wedding not so far away, so try and make these arrangements four to six months prior.
- The details of the receptions should be almost established by now and discussed with the MC so that if any changes occur within the next few months it shouldn’t be a drastic problem.

2-4 months
- Since you’ve already created and revised the guest-list, it’s time to finally send them out!
- The ceremony should be planned out, with your officiant being in the loop of things.
- Although everything is set and planned for the ceremony and reception, it is necessary to plan a rehearsal dinner so everyone knows exactly what they are in for.
- And of course, what would a wedding be without an amazing cake! The fancier the cake, the earlier you would need to book for them to create your masterpiece.
For the last month, the foundation of an amazing wedding should have already been planned out but now is the time to officially finalize everything! Final dress fittings, final rehearsal dinner, finalize transportation, programs and seating for the ceremony and reception, and finalizing honeymoon plans. These are just the main aspects of finishing up your planning, but the details are just as important to be aware of during the last month.


Finally, a week before your wedding, you will need to start organizing a plan for the closure and the aftermath of the wedding without causing more chaos. Some small tips include preparing for any payments that need to be made beforehand. Make necessary arrangements for rental returns, cleaning up, moving into your new home and start packing for your honeymoon trip!

The most important thing to remember is to have FUN during the process of planning your wedding. You only get to do it once, so enjoy it while it lasts!

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