Angela & Jak’s Wedding: 8.18.13

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Their connection was there even before they had even met over 36 years ago, “you do the math, I’m 36 and she’s 26, you’re thinking what the heck this guy’s had way too much to drink” Jak says during his speech. But it was true; Angela and Jak had had an unbreakable connection since laying their eyes on each other only to find out later, that their families were old friends even before their time.
It is August 18, 2013, the day that Angela and Jak seal their love with their vows. Angela sits and waits patiently for her prince charming to arrive for the traditional Chinese door games, and Jak has a lot coming his way. The bride’s home is accented with touches of romantic rouge accompanied by the bridesmaids dressed in coral – a vision of femininity and tenderness fill the room as Angela enters in a stunning red dress and her gorgeous bridesmaids by her side. This was the perfect setting for the beginning of a perfect day.

Jak and his “bodyguards” arrive to sweep Angela off her feet. They go through challenges and Jak finally makes his way in to rescue his damsel. The tea ceremony begins soon after and the couple share a special moment with each other and their families as they receive words of wisdom and advice from their elders.

Moving on to a lighter note, the couple and their bridal party head out for a session of fun photography and just plain goofing around. Here are some of their moments captured.

The gondola’s takes Angela and Jak above and beyond the clouds, where they reach their destination: The Peak of Grouse Mountain. Looking down on the most beautiful city of Vancouver, the couple make their vows for the world to see.

The rest of the night is history…

“ I don’t know why it works so well, but what I do know is that I grow more in love with you every single day”     – Jak


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